Knives Out ★★★★½

KNIVES OUT is a part whodunnit, part Hitchcock thriller that has memorable characters, unpredictable twists & turns, amazing dialogue, a great score and sly social commentary. This firmly establishes Rian Johnson as a top tier filmmaker working today & one of my personal favorites. This was just entertaining as hell beginning to end and one of the most well crafted movies I’ve seen all year. Rian deserves a best original screenplay for this, he takes the pretty basic murder mystery whodunnit genre and completely puts his own unique spin on it. I can’t imagine how hard it is to write something like this. I also really liked his direction and engaging camera work. The entire cast was really great, but Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Ana De Armas stand above the rest. I could watch 100 movies about Daniel Craig’s character solving mysteries, he is a gem. This is Ana De Armas’s best performance to date, she was incredibly compelling & probably the best performance in the whole film. Chris Evans is so freaking funny, this is such a great role for him post captain America. Knowing that Rian and Edgar Wright are really good friends, I found his Baby Driver reference so funny and sweet. I hope this makes all the money because original films like this deserve it

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