Home Alone ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The traps ranked, in order of ascending awesomeness:

13. Trip wire
12. Micromachines on the floor
11. Cutting the zip line
10. Glue and feathers
9. Icy steps
8. Blowtorch to the head - the visual afterwards sells this one
7. Tarred steps with a nail - deceptively clever double-layered trap
6. Paint cans to the face - "You're missing some teeth!"
5. X-mas tree ornaments under the window - a simple gag, but it's hilarious how hard Stern stomps on them, and how he steps on more when he gets up
4. Hot iron to the face/hot doorknob to the hand - the scar on Stern's face during the rest of the film means this is the gag that keeps on giving
3. The tarantula - this was built up all movie long, and Stern's scream makes it pay off
2. "Keep the change ya filthy animal!" - probably the film's most iconic moment, unfortunately the same gag is used twice, and neither during the big finale
1. BB gun to the nuts - Pesci's reaction is still the best part of the film

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