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  • Berkshire County

    Berkshire County


    This is such a lazy story that just dragged things out till I was just completely disengaged from it. I am all for home invasion films but the least you could do was make your protagonists and antagonists interesting in some way. Avoid this mess.

  • Captured



    This isnt going to really blow anyone away but I atleast enjoyed the documentary style presentation. The story moves along and doesnt wear out its welcome and when we get to the final act that's where it impressed me. Up until then this was mediocre but I jumped on board once we get the reveal.

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  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter


    I'm writing this review right after the film ended and man is my mind racing with theories. As with Osgood Perkins second film (I Am The Pretty Thing...) this is a slow burn horror film that places emphasis on atmosphere, sound and score above all else. With both films there is a creeping sense of dread and evil right from the first shot to the very last.

    This is a type of horror that won't appeal to everyone but for…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Another mystery/thriller where the build up is way more interesting than the reveal. I was so on board with this film and then with about 30 mins left reveal after reveal just had me rolling my eyes. The performances here are top notch especially from Daniel Kaluuya who plays Chris (great name by the way!) the main character.

    Its not the acting that lets this film down but the ridiculous conceit that we are supposed to believe. To me this…