The Demonic Tapes ★★★½

This little indie film right here really got under my skin. If you're going to watch this do it with the lights off and a good pair of headphones on. This is one of those films were sound design is everything. You can tell this is a pretty low budget effort but for me that actually works in it favour. The low-fi look and the lower production values actually make the creep factor the film maker is going for more effective.

What makes this this so interesting is you would think the concept would be extremely boring as its basically a guy walking around a house listening to tapes. But what really works is the acting and demonic voices and the fact we have a nice short running time of 71 minutes.

Don't expect anything ground breaking but if you enjoy basic single location slow burn ghost stories then you may really like this. It really worked for me and I'm going to give it 3.5/5 stars.