Keane showed me a lot about how important perspective in a movie can be. The way you could only see the world through his eyes and only his eyes makes you wonder what he is thinking but it is never full revealed. nothing specific about him is ever told in throughout the movie, yet you still get the message of his disorders, tendencies, from loving to insane from the up close and personal perspective. Watching someone with these issues, do things that you only picture crazy people on the street doing, thinking in a genuinely different way than i do, is an uncomfortable thing to witness and watch but there is nothing more interesting than something different or weird. To get inside the mind of someone who would kidnap a daughter and let themselves think its there's, is certainly not part of everyday life. We often hear the open ended and notorious question of "who would do something like that?" when there is a story on the news of stories exactly like what happened in this movie. When i watched this movie not only was i constantly thinking this to myself, and then i realized that people exactly like that would, it could be an everyday guy with everyday values someone that you'd never guess, who just has something a little off about him. It could be one of those guys screaming gibberish on the street corner like Damien Lewis in this movie. Keane showed me a new perspective on how important perspectives in general are to movie and put a new perspective on what i comfortable and willing to watch.