Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

“Jesus, I accept you to be the only cool man besides Kurt Cobain”

“Being a pervert is just another way of life”

“Do you like pussy too?” “No. I’m into sins.”

“Fall apart, Yu...into a million pieces.”

“Give it to me...”

Love Exposure is a film about many things. Faith, hope, love, lust, pain, vengeance, manipulation, brainwash, cults, greed, religion, friendship, perverts, erections, and kung-fu photography...all while being stylish as hell and captivating all the way through it’s nearly 4 hour runtime. Anybody who loved Parasite NEEDS to see this film. Love Exposure reaches far beyond the standard barrier of filmmaking, and director Sion Sono creates a masterpiece here.

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