Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising ★★★

Asuka was pretty cool, I guess. Fighting all those Mass Produced Evas all by herself, domming Shinji, really good stuff. I mean, sure she had a weird crush on her adult father figure, but who doesn't when you're a teenager? It's cool. Nobody's perfect. Dealing with depression's rough. Fighting giant robots and aliens is a good release for that kind of thing, you know? If I were depressed (I am) I would totally get inside a giant robot and punch some other giant things. It seems like it would get the job done. Release some pent up aggression. That's always good for the body. If only she also had a giant sword like Saber Athena, instead of those little giant boxcutters. To be fair, she did steal that one guy's big double-edged sword during the aforementioned fight. That thing was cool. Heavy, but cool. The Lance of Longinus is also pretty cool. I wonder what sticking that thing up your butt would be like. Bet it would feel weird. Anyway, good talk. See you next week. Same time, same place.

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