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This review may contain spoilers.

Okay, fuck all my other complaints. I fell completely in love with this movie the second time. Elements of its structure I thought of as messy before revealed themselves to be beautifully interwoven with its characters' beliefs and developments.

One bit I didn't notice the first time was when Hux finds Kylo's body in the now dessicated throne room and reaches for his blaster, he himself ready to pull off a treasonous ascension of power if he so chose. This moment contrasts beautifully with both DJ's "both sides", middle of the road nihilism, and Rose's sacrifice for Finn. It's maybe the only Star Wars movie where the characters' beliefs and ideologies feel encompassing and defining as opposed to just background stuff for the standard hero's journey, and that's what makes its moments of spectacle hit that much harder. Actions actually having meaning, weight, and consequences. That's a message I feel we need in 2017.

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