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  • Miracle in Milan

    Miracle in Milan


    While it may seem uncharacteristic to have the director of Shoeshine and Bicycle Thieves direct a fairy tale, this is De Sica's desperate attempt to give the poor a happy outcome. A more grounded film would be less realistic, as it takes a wish-granting miracle to free the destitute.

  • Send Me to the Clouds

    Send Me to the Clouds


    The pressure to conform to societys expectations in an increasinly disconnected society leads to alienation. This has been covered many times. Send Me to the Clouds differentiates itself by abstracting from the indidual struggle, covering the various forms of labor people submit themselves to to earn validation. This is accomplished with some levity, and the soft hued cloud-covered backdrops make this an enjoyable viewing experience. Regarding the gender politics, the criticism is pointed and doesn't impede the script. While its merits are with the lead actress, this was an impressive directorial debut.

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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I dig movies that have romances unfold in unique ways. Especially when its done as elegantly as in Cold War.

    Cold War is an ambitious movie, in 90 minutes it chews through 2 decades of history while developing its romance. Yes it glosses over most historical events, and yes it skips major parts of its two lover's lives but that is what makes it so impressive: it leaves enough for the viewer to piece together the pertinent information left out…

  • India: Matri Bhumi

    India: Matri Bhumi


    From my understanding the filming of this movie was a fairly transformative period for Rossellini. It was when he became fully committed to making "scientific" movies, which as a description of his style is absurd. Regardless, there is a clear distinction between his later often biographical movies from the style of his older neorealist movies. This was also around the time when he broke up with his muse, Ingrid Bergman.

    When watching this movie, while it is clear what enchanted…