Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I love the approach that was taken with this movie and I started crying within the first 6 minutes, but I still think this is the worst movie out of the trilogy. It's an amazing movie but doesn't compare to the other two. I think this is mostly because of how Céline's character was destroyed. I also liked how in the other two movies, it was just about them, this movie was a little more complicated but I understand that it can't be all about escapism all the time. I just miss watching the credits roll and seeing "Ethan Hawke", "Julie Delpy", and some random extras. Although I wasn't a fan of who they made Céline into in this last movie, it absolutely broke my heart watching her be so upset, and it also hurt to see the same emotions in Jesse. Overall, I know I have complaints, but it was pretty amazing.

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