No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★★½

No One Gets Out Alive is a surprisingly well made horror film, might start a little lost thanks to familiar haunted house cliches but it manages to pick itself up in the middle and conclude in great fashion plus it features a monster design so ridiculously awesome that it feels like it came directly from Guillermo Del Toro and while some may complain that the movie never explains anything i didn't feel like it needed, everything that needs to be understood is implied here and the rest i feel like it's best just not knowing.

Also Cristina Rodlo is fantastic here, we really feel sorry for Ambar and for what she's going through, it's a terrifying feeling, of having nowhere else to go or anyone to rely upon and i feel like she and the movie portrayed what immigrants sadly go through very well.

Overall it's a socially conscious horror film with hauntingly beautiful visuals, great perfomances, really uneasy atmosphere and a wild third act, it could've have been done better though but i really liked nonetheless and i do have hopes for what Santiago Menghini does in the future, definitely a nice surprise from Netflix

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