Stalker ★★★★

okay so... this is gonna be a weird one.

i’m not even going to try say what the movie is about, because your guess is probably 1000x better than mine.

but from a technical stand point, this film is astounding. of course you can’t deny that this is one of the most beautiful films ever created. the painfully slow camera movements are fantastic. the acting is top notch all around. the music and sound design go together hand in hand, and at some points it’s hard to differentiate the two apart.

the dialogue is purposefully odd, long winded and cryptic, which did make me lose focus at some points. the direction was absolutely top notch and i loved the framing of pretty much every shot. also the movie is obviously incredibly slow.

i really had no idea how slow it would be and i lost interest at multiple points, so i think it’s best if i give this a rewatch sometime soon, so i can get a better idea as to what the hell is even going on in the film and so i can have more patience too.

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