Stalker ★★★★★

with a deeper knowledge and understand of what is going on, i can easily say that this film is one of the greatest pieces of art ever created. 

i feel that to understand tarkovsky’s work, you need to understand tarkovsky himself. trying to put this film into words on what it is about, will ultimately make my point feel invalidated, because to me this film is about everything, which automatically makes it about nothing at the same time. everyone will have a different theory or meaning to put to this magnificent piece of art, which is something i think is absolutely astonishing.

and not only is this a deep, meaningful piece of art, but it also has a captivating and interesting story with amazing writing, characters and cinematography. god, the cinematography is absolutely fantastic, probably the best looking film i’ve ever seen.

tarkovsky is an absolute master in terms of his art. his father was a poet, so it would make sense that he would be such an amazing poetic filmmaker.

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