The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others ★★

True story:

When this film first came out, I was in a long distance relationship and we decided to see showings of it at the same time in our separate cities as a "movie date" and call each other after to talk. I hated the film so much, I walked out after 40 minutes and patiently waited another two before calling. When I did, my girlfriend answered the phone sobbing, having been completely emotionally shattered by it. In fact, she had decided at some point during the runtime that she would move back to LA to be with me because love is the most important thing in this dark, cold world. That is, until she heard my opinion and the two hour fight we had about it, which resulted in me going back and paying another $18 to see the next showing at the Arclight to sit through the whole thing and try to see it through her eyes. But it was really too late. She did not move back to LA for me and this movie is still garbage.