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  • Brad's Status

    Brad's Status


    What a gem! A small, delicately made dramedy that's about so much more than what it's about.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    NPR's Glen Weldon described my feelings on this film exactly: fun but sad.

    Fun to see so many pop culture icons mingling. Sad that obsessive engagement with nostalgia in pursuit of a Holy Grail of sorts is considered virtuous.

    Fun to see how the film toggles between the OASIS and real life. Sad that the film's grand lesson "Reality is real" mistakes solipsism for profundity.

    Fun that the dialogue was exponentially better than the novel's. Sad how bad the acting…

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  • Blue Ruin

    Blue Ruin


    Shotgun Stories, meet your new brother Blue Ruin. Please don't kill him.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    I'm glad I rode my bike to the theater to see this because the ride home would've been a lot wilder had I driven.

    This felt like several kinds of films blended together, like songs on a mixtape. I liked most of the songs (including the actual ones—move over,
    soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy!), but I'm not yet sure about the album as a whole, if you know what I mean.