Actual favorites:
1. Jurassic Park
2. Hot Fuzz
3. Jaws

Favorite films

  • Psycho Sisters
  • Sisters
  • Sister, Sister
  • Sister Act

Recent activity

  • The Bees


  • The Five Venoms


  • Blackenstein

  • Vampira

Recent reviews

  • The Bees

    The Bees


    That’s adding incest to injury.

    Boring with lots of ‘comic’ relief. Only watch if you’re a John Saxon completist.

  • The Five Venoms

    The Five Venoms


    This was awesome! I was engaged with the story right away, The fights were great, I loved the characters and their outfits. Just a super fun time. I wish the fights were spread out more throughout the entire movie, but it makes up for it by the final battle taking up the last 20-25 minutes. Also, I was digging the bits of the score that I noticed. 

    It occurred to me about halfway through that the fun kung-fu movies have…

Popular reviews

  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    DMK lol

    Wow, the music in this is pure Craptastic 80s…except for Cyndi Lauper, who will always be awesome. 

    The empty city shots are great. I love this stars two girls who spend the movie kicking ass. And it has Mary Woronov, so bonus points there. The makeup is pretty good too. Overall this is fun, but a little long.

  • The House on Sorority Row

    The House on Sorority Row


    Despite a couple of Giallo tropes at the beginning, this is a cookie cutter slasher. Meh. But they do kill a bird, so I assume that was an Argento nod.

    Riffs were ok, but I definitely was not expecting a John Vanbiesbrouk name drop. Wow!