Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds ★★★★½

The best parts of the movie are when people aren't doing anything or saying anything. SO TENSE! In a weird way it is like watching The Office. As the plans come to fruition it is even _more_ tense because we all know how this story ends… Tarantino does an amazing job playing off the audience's emotion. Also, Christoph Waltz is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Maybe it is having kids, but I haven't gone in for a bit of the old ultra-violence for a long time, and maybe that is what held me off watching this. But the violence wasn't overwrought like Tarantino's other films (though he doesn't cut away when it happens). I was not a fan of Kill Bill at all, so I was glad to see Tarantino back in form.

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