The Good Dinosaur ★★

A sort of weird Creationist frontier fantasy where every dinosaur must conquer nature like a good American, and all humans worth interacting with are white. Also strange is how ever SECOND character you meet has a female voice, a corporate attempt at diversity.

The visuals ARE stunning, and you can tell they are proud of this since the post credit scene — which normally features the lovable characters, of which there are none in this film — is filled with beautiful nature shots of the rugged West, where they get that sunset sky just the right shade of salmon. It really is incredible.

A few moments tug at the heart, a nod to Pixar's ability for storytelling, but in this film they just feel like emotional cheapshots.

I have to say, the multi-layer abstraction of dinos that not only talk, and interact with humans, but are ALSO cowboys and ranchers, was really confusing for my children.