Eternals ★★½

Saw this in Theaters, IMAX! Was actually quite looking forward to this movie given the director & diverse cast. Trailers also seemed appealing enough. Zhao is a director who in Nomadland gave us interesting dialogue, incredible cinematography & a lot to chew on in terms of the themes & character development. I was hoping this would all come over into her descent into a big budget movie, but it unfortunately didn’t. Was disappointed by Eternals, honestly. But as a movie, it’s a mixed bag. I liked the sound mixing, diverse cast, some of the cinematography & production design. Score was also solid, but not too memorable. Speaking of which, a lot of MCU cliches crop up. Uninteresting villain(s), humor that misses more then it hits, bland characters, etc. There’s not many action scenes compared to other MCU movies, but when it crops up, quickly blends into other Superhero Action Porn. The dialogue is also quite uninteresting & is constantly spewed. To make matters worse, a lot of it is exposition & just felt forced. Especially as the movie comes to a close & includes the mid credit scene. Really, really felt the length with this movie. I do want to emphasize though that I wanted to like this movie. I really did. But I can’t sit here & say that I liked this movie. It’s far too much of a mixed bag. But I would say still check it out to support a mainstream movie with a diverse cast.

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