Midsommar ★★★★★

Totally unique and a joy for every minute of it's two and a half hour length, MIDSOMMAR is a one of a kind cinema experience. I'm so glad I saw it in the theater. It's beautiful and thought-provoking. Director Aster gets another Oscar-worthy performance from his main actress. Florence Pugh is lovely - and Aster knows it, his camera often lingering on close-ups of her face while she pieces together her emotions. The entire cast is wonderful and complex - I found something to identify with in every character. Will Poulter made me laugh multiple times with his "ugly American" act. It's bright and shiny and colorful and wonderful - I had a smile on my face the entire time. HEREDITARY was good but this is a major step up. Will I ever see it again? Probably not. Could I recommend it for a general audience? Doubtful. Did the movie vibrate on the same frequency as me for it's entire runtime, making for an experience that I enjoyed on MULTIPLE levels? 100 percent.