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  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    The negativity is mind-boggling. Look, it's not some highly revolutionary piece of animated media. It's a different adaptation of Charles Addams' work, and frankly I loved every second of it. The characters retained their original designs, and there were so many homages to the comics, the 90s films, and even other pieces of horror media. I fell in love so hard for Gomez each time he was on screen, and honestly the simple story worked really well in that universe. It was a good kid's film and I hope it introduced younger generations to the wonder of the Addams Family.

  • Faust: Love of the Damned

    Faust: Love of the Damned

    I really love bad movies. I love bad comic book movies, too. This movie is so in your face bad that I can't even enjoy its bad parts because the editing doesn't let me. The first sequence is actually rather strong, which tricked me into watching the whole entire thing. At first, I thought I was passing judgement on this piece too harshly so I watched it again but...I just can't. The main actor is giving 2000% to his role…

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  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    I practically never write reviews on this film site, but I thought I should just say that From Beyond is such a rich, gratifying movie that I connected with completely. The struggle of Katherine and Crawford as they try to rip themselves away from Dr. Pretorius and his Resonator is such a symbolic struggle for those who find themselves in abusive or toxic relationships. Everyone gives top notch performances. This is probably the strongest presence I've ever seen Barbara Crampton…

  • Amadeus



    As someone who has been a classically trained pianist all my life, and has played quite a bit of Mozart in that time, I feel like this film really captures the personality of the amazing composer. While not completely historically accurate, the acting, editing, and...well, really the entire aesthetic of the film is so gorgeous. The use of Mozart and Salieri's music is masterful, and Tom Hulce's performance is so amazing. It's on par with Derek Jacobi's Claudius for me…