A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★½

Crazy (and awesome) how the human brain works. I basically went into this as a first time watch because I hadn’t seen it (or any sequels after Dream Warriors) in forever and I couldn’t remember barely anything about it. But as I’m watching it, things start registering as memories. The junkyard dog pissing blood. The naked chick inside the water bed. Freddy’s glove as a shark fin. Alice getting sucked into the black and white movie.  The souls trapped in the pizza. All the fun visual gags and Feddy’s one liners. I imagine Robert Englund was really eating up the Freddy mania that was happening at the time,  and that probably made his performance all the more enjoyable. I’ve seen an old interview with Englund from when this came out, and he was sooooo into this role it’s almost scary. You can tell he’s eating it up with this entry. This is the least of the series so far but I have a soft spot for it. It’s really inventive in its kills and special effects. I liked how it used the characters from the previous movies, and Lisa Wilcox makes Alice one of the best final girls of the series next to Nancy.

I never ever forgot that cockroach transformation scene though. Check it out: youtu.be/5_Vm1VHhTA0

Also, this: youtu.be/avVv1WQkcj0

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