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  • Silence



    Scorsese does Apostatise Now as young Jesuit priests, Garfield and Driver, journey into the Heart of Darkness in 17th Century Japan in search of a Kurtz-like fallen priest Ferreira who has gone native.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    The date Friday the 13th is synonymous with misfortune, horror and a guy with a hockey mask. Replace the guy with the hockey mask with an evil Patrick Stewart and you have this week’s new release Green Room.
    Following a gig in a Neo-Nazi bar, punk band The Ain't Rights find themselves in a Green Room that is witness to more horror and carnage than the aftermath of an Ozzy Osbourne or Justin Bieber gig.
    Forget a bottle of Jack…

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  • I Give It a Year

    I Give It a Year

    I Give It A Year? I wouldn't give it the 97 minutes of your time it would take to watch it.
    If you married this film you could have it annulled on the grounds you believed you were marrying a romantic comedy.
    Oh dear oh dear Working Title, Four Weddings or Notting Hill this is not.

  • Drive