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  • Masked Avengers

    Masked Avengers


    Day 07: Martial Arts Marathon
    A bloody ensemble classic from Chang Cheh.
    The film is about a group of people trying to find a mysterious masked gang who have created a menace.

    Slightly darker from the usual classic Martial Arts of that time. Chang Cheh loves using blood and he had the luxury of using them here. Surely there were some great fight scenes but i enjoyed the story too and how Chang Cheh handled the concept. It was gripping…

  • Odd Couple

    Odd Couple


    Day 06: Martial Arts Marathon
    Battle of Sabre (Short Weapon) and Spear (Long Weapon).
    Lau Kar-wing directs and stars in a dual role alongside with Sammo Hung in a dual role.
    So in short, Sammo Hung plays a master and a disciple in the same film. So does Lau Kar-wing.

    The film starts with the rivaly between The King of Sabre and The King of Spear. But due to the emotion involved, they can never finish another. So as a…

Popular reviews

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    Marvel brings back Hong Kong action to life.
    Fala Chen and Tony Leung two "nearly unknown" TVB stars to the world, now in a Marvel film, doing aesthetic Wu-xia like fights. If this is not orgasmic then what is?
    My first Marvel film. It was a good fun but i am sure that the Marvel fans enjoyed it a lot more than i did. The film felt completely different when Tony was onscreen. Maybe its because i am biased or…

  • It's a Summer Film!

    It's a Summer Film!


    A love letter to indie filmmaking and Samurai films, maybe?

    Its a nice little film. Don't think too much. Just sit, relax and enjoy.
    Remember, It might as well as inspire you to make your own film. I can't tell you how many times i thought of my unwritten screenplays while watching this film. Maybe that's what makes it so good?
    One moment i particularly find interesting is, Rintaro have to deliver the dialogue "Sayonara (Farewell)" but the Director didn't…