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  • The Thirteenth Year

    The Thirteenth Year


    Watching this as a 22 year old boy is a lot different than seeing it as a wee lad. 

    This movie has it ALL: anti-vax parents, pedophilic undertones, possible parallels of coming out = becoming a merman, a 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Pete Davidson: Alive from New York

    Pete Davidson: Alive from New York


    Pete Davidson helped me re-contextualize my mental illness, thus sending me back to therapy and getting on meds, back on track to a somewhat healthy life style so in a weird way, I look up to him? His persona is a scum bro but I’ve seen him live twice and he’s so nice and genuine and open with his struggles and it’s awe inspiring and it normalizes mental illness. It makes me feel better about my struggles and I owe…