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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    I highly recommend this movie and urge you to go out and see it. I'll admit that I haven't seen all of the major horror releases this year but so far Doctor Sleep is my top horror film for 2019. So it's a little bit disheartening to see this movie have such a rough start. To put Doctor Sleep's $14 million opening weekend in perspective, The Nun did $53.8 million, The Curse of La Llorona did $26.5 million, Annabelle Comes…

  • Glengarry Glen Ross

    Glengarry Glen Ross


    I very highly recommend this one. It's not the most exciting movie but I don't think I've seen a film with a stronger ensemble cast than this one. The performances and dialogue are so good in this one that you don't even need to watch it to appreciate it. Often times, I just put this on in the background to listen to while I'm getting some work done and it's so perfect for that that it almost seems like it…

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Obviously, I recommend this one. Although I wasn't particularly moved during my first viewing, that really doesn't have anything to do with the movie itself but with the impossibly high expectations that have been set by a million reviews and listicles. Clearly it has affected audiences in a profound way to end up in those lists and my personal experience doesn't invalidate the film's importance in the genre or other viewers' feelings about this movie. Go watch it to see…

  • The Devil's Rejects

    The Devil's Rejects


    I highly recommend this one. The Devil's Rejects is Rob Zombie firing on all cylinders in a way that I don't think he has before or since this film. The movie looks great, the actors do a wonderful job, and most importantly, this film is never boring and always entertaining even on repeated watches. There isn't much depth to this one but it's a perfect violent western popcorn flick. I would go so far as to say that The Devil's…