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  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • Prey
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

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  • The Mothman Prophecies


  • Versus


  • James and the Giant Peach


  • Finders Keepers


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  • The Mothman Prophecies

    The Mothman Prophecies


    Hooptober 9.0 | 3/34 | 12 random films from my watchlist bc I already met the criteria (3/12)

    I very rarely tap out on a movie once I've started watching it but a couple years ago I tried watching The Mothman Prophecies and just had to turn it off 40 minutes in. I finally decided to give it another try and I have to say that my initial instincts were correct.

    There are parts of this movie that could be…

  • Versus



    Hooptober 9.0 | 2/34 | 12 random films from my watchlist bc I already met the criteria (2/12)

    Rewatched this in preparation for a podcast appearance. I've seen this quite a few times and I've always really liked it. This most recent watch is the first time I've seen it in at least 5 years and I gotta say, I'm not as high on it as I used to be. Watching it with 2022 eyes, a lot of the action…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    that one episode of South Park but instead of "they took er jerbs" it's "evil dies tonight"

  • Basket Case 2

    Basket Case 2


    Hooptober 7.0 | 20/31 | 2nd films of franchises (2/7)

    I'd definitely recommend this film for fans of the first. I'll go on record saying that this is one of the rare sequels that outshines the original. Basket Case 2 is just a higher-budgeted and more fully and competently realized vision than the first. It has the signature Henenlotter tone. It's funny, disgusting, and outlandish while maintaining a certain level of groundedness and sincerity. A worthy addition to the Bradley brothers' mythos.

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