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  • The Spirit of the Beehive

    The Spirit of the Beehive


    I would argue that Spirit of the Beehive contains the greatest single shot about the magic of cinema in cinema history:

    James Whale’s Frankenstein has come to this dusty Castilian village projected on the wall to the townspeople who must bring their own chairs. The front is packed with school children. The monster is on the run and comes across a farmer’s young daughter who’s child’s eyes don’t see him as a monster or fear him.

    The 6 year-old Ana…

  • The Good Liar

    The Good Liar


    One needs no other reason to cast your economic vote at the box office than Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen on the poster. I’m shocked this is their first film together. How were we deprived of such a delicious and obvious MacBeth marriage? They are of course marvelous and well worth the price of admission. The plot of A Good Liar is enjoyable and nutritious as a Twizzler, full of irony and plot turns that won’t withstand much scrutiny nor leave you hungry for more.

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  • Midsommar



    As evidence that the world is compressing rapidly, I saw this Swedish film in the United Arab Emirates at a “Guy Fieri’s Dine-in Cinema.” This made for an odd combination of Nordic human sacrifice, a Mac ’n’ Cheese Burger, and excised sex scenes.

    This is sunny pagan psychological terror. An almost over-exposed Technicolor horror film after the most disturbing start to any film I can remember. Frances Pugh is an international treasure. She’s on her way to being the Jeanne…

  • Jaws



    I was twelve the summer Jaws came out. My parents saw it just before we were to head to the beach, and returned home to tell me I wouldn’t be seeing it. It’s the only movie I ever remember my parents proscribing. Forty years later I still haven’t seen it. Of course I’ve seen so many clips over the years I could probably cut the movie together if you gave me the elements.

    So when I finally decided to watch…