Channing Pomeroy

“When Fortuna spins you downward, go out to a movie and get more out of life.”
-- John Kennedy Toole, from A Confederacy of Dunces

Favorite films

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Night of the Hunter
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Recent activity

  • The River's Edge


  • The Poseidon Adventure


  • The Bravados


  • SubUrbia


Pinned reviews

  • Jaws



    I was twelve the summer Jaws came out. My parents saw it just before we were to head to the beach, and returned home to tell me I wouldn’t be seeing it. It’s the only movie I ever remember my parents proscribing. Forty years later I still hadn’t seen it. Of course I’ve seen so many clips over the years I could probably cut the movie together if you gave me the elements.

    So when I finally decided to watch…

  • Dune



    I’m agnostic about the Dune books, having never read them, and indeed all SciFi. So I arrived neither overexcited nor vulnerable to betrayal. I can honestly say it was the best pure science fiction movie I’ve seen since the original Star Wars trilogy. I’d compare it to the pleasurable foreplay I experienced seeing The Fellowship of the Ring when it came out.

    Villeneuve seems to have mined Herbert’s Dune and extracted its unadulterated mythic essence. It does exactly what myth…

Recent reviews

  • The River's Edge

    The River's Edge


    Allan Dwan must have done every genre in every era during his absurdly long career. At the tail end, he tried a new one: the Noir Western in Color. A taunt 87 minutes merges the Western tropes (imagistic panoramas, run-for-the-border) with Noir (snappy dialogue, poor decision-making).

    The adventure plot offers no suspense. The poster is the spoiler, and the Deus ex máquina (thanks to a Mexican truck) is a lazy way to create a spectacular money-fluttering finale, which one-ups The…

  • The Poseidon Adventure

    The Poseidon Adventure


    My parents were not movie-goers. When I was a little kid, my mother would take me to the big annual Disney animated re-releases Bambi or Song of the South (this dates me, of course). But after I was 8 or so, I was on my own, and the only movies I saw were when I got lucky with a friend’s birthday party or a sleepover. I’d often see the first half of the movies of the week, panned, scanned and…

Popular reviews

  • Psycho



    About 40 minutes into Psycho, Norman removes a print hanging on his wall of “Susannah and the Elders,” a story from the Book of Daniel of two men spying on a naked bathing woman. Norman then spies through a peephole at Marion undressing to bathe. There’s an extreme close-up of his eye in the darkness lit by a beam of light from the peephole. Here we have the ultimate metaphor for moviegoing, the audience-as-voyeur, sitting in the dark spying on…

  • Notorious



    This is the most complex relationship between two leads in an Hitchcock picture: spy and handler, misconceptions and magnatisms, delusions of morally superiority, manipulations and guilt, jealousies hidden and barbed.

    Cary Grant is a basically saying to Ingrid: please sleep with Claude Rains so you can spy on him for us. If you do I promise to love you. She’s saying to him: if you love me you'll tell me not to do it. Grant finds himself falling in love…