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  • The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
  • The Adjuster
  • Le Notti Bianche
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  • The Clock

    The Clock


    judy gave me chills. she was so gorgeous and intense... i love her more with every film. i don't feel this would have been worth watching without her, but i was surprised and intrigued more often than i expected for what might've been a very conventional war romance. the strangely optimistic ending makes more sense as something particular to the first half of 1945, but i still thought it was lovely

  • Eros + Massacre

    Eros + Massacre

    writing a paper on yoshida this week, might post an excerpt later if it turns out ok :) ive enjoyed researching and working slowly through this film over the past few days a lot! it's so rich and innovative, im fascinated by his ideas about self negation and how politics/revolution could be expressed through film

    EDIT 6/11: i decided to just paste the whole thing! i didn't feel like this was a very good effort when i finished, but i…

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