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  • The Stand

    The Stand


    I had to watch this even though I expected it to be awful. I liked the book and so I had to see what was made out of the source material. This mini series aged very badly. The worst about this is that the casting isn't bad. Except Harold and Randall everyone fits more or less but I guess they could have used some better guidance by Mick Garris. Harold was portrayed so bad it made me angry. I'm really…

  • Colorful



    Film Challenge 2017: CW 10: An Anime

    'Colorful' is a nice looking anime with an interesting idea which wasn't executed in the best possible way.
    The biggest problem is, that almost all characters are flat as hell. Especially the main character Makoto could have used some depth because a film with such a tender and delicate topic as teenage suicide should have a main character which is relatable. Most of the time he is just a real dick especially when it comes to his classmate Shoko.

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  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    Beautiful cinematography! Good acting! Hilarious as well as saddening dialogues... And an awsome soundtrack!

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    I was wondering if I'm going to like this. People seem to either love or hate it. Only a few are in between. Well luckily I'm on the loving side. I like so many things about this.
    First of all, the setting and the time period are perfect for a tense horror film full of suspense. Costume design and natural lighting made the whole thing look very real. Even Calebs hair looks like it was cut with a blade.