Ceiling ★★★★

Ceiling introduces Vera Chytilova as a hermetically effective director, encapsulating a very relatable daily social claustrophobia. Chytilova is able to render each dialogue scene with such an oppressively suffocating atmosphere. The film played on my irritance of narration, through effectively overlaying scenes with arrogant remarks. Each male and female character presented evokes such an irascible air - their conversations giving you enough space to repel them. This alienation the film develops brutally alculminates in an effectively bitter club scene, where the leads' inability to find a connection in the cynicism that surrounds her, only detracts from her ability to merge with the worlds' open embracives and love. The core of this short reminded me of one of Chytilova's career defining quote - "If there's something you don't like, don't keep to the rules - break them. I'm an enemy of stupidity and simple-mindedness in both men and women and I have rid my living space of these traits".

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