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  • A Royal Night Out

    A Royal Night Out


    Royal fluff that my Anglophilic heart has a soft spot for. That being said, a bit unkind to the late Princess Margaret.

  • King Solomon's Mines

    King Solomon's Mines


    One of the first Hollywood films shot in Africa, and far more interesting as vintage travelogue and ethnography than as routine African adventure (even if the source is the wellspring for this sort of tale). In current context, also a Duh! moment for me; the Wakanda of Black Panther is, at root, the Watusi tribe reimagined by technophilic liberals of the Greatest Generation.

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  • Prisoners



    Third-rate paperback writer bullshit pretending its not. Ace cinematography from Roger Deakins.

  • The Incredible Shrinking Woman

    The Incredible Shrinking Woman


    A pastel-drenched trainwreck. Too dopey and shrill to take seriously as any sort of satire; whether it be of consumerism, chemicals in products, or late Seventies culture. Network for retards.