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  • Whiplash



    100th new movie of 2020!
    Like a game of Oregon trail with the pace set to grueling, Whiplash packs more adrenaline than a summer action blockbuster.

    Miles Teller and JK Simmons drum out an unbelievable two hour duet, playing beautifully off each other without missing a fucking beat. This film often draws comparisons to Black Swan, which is understandable, but I NEVER would have thought Whiplash would be the more intense of the two.

    The characters are perfectly unlikable, self-centered, and vain, which all add up to some top notch, hard hitting, sweat drenched, blood soaked drama.


  • Carrie



    A classic that surpasses the book and made a star out of Sissy Spacek. A lesson in building horror without the need for jump scares and gruesome imagery. I'd also say this movie has one of the more appropriate uses of nudity in film