Charles Perks

Charles Perks

Favorite films

  • Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
  • Invasion of Astro-Monster
  • Rebirth of Mothra III

Recent activity

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom


  • eXistenZ


  • Long Arm of the Law


  • Flirting Scholar


Recent reviews

  • Fight Back to School

    Fight Back to School


    Can’t say I didn’t laugh and cheer more times than I care to admit. Mostly watched this because I have heard high praise of its first sequel. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a personal trend where:

    1) I watch a Stephen Chow movie
    2) I love the movie
    3) I soon after watch another Stephen Chow movie
    4) I hate the movie

    Happens every time. Maybe his brand of mean-spirited funny charm just hits too close to home? Whatever the reason, I’ve learned to space out his movies so that they remain properly effective and fun.

  • The Mission

    The Mission


    I always avoided watching this because the only available DVD version looks like shit. I knew I would some day bite the bullet because it’s got my two all time favorite living actors in a film from one of my newest favorite directors, but boy howdy did I never dream of having the opportunity to see this on 35mm looking like a pristine little snack.

    It’s a perfect Johnnie To film. The muted performances, the comedy, the action— everything. 


Popular reviews

  • Evil Dead Rise

    Evil Dead Rise

    The most ferociously unoriginal horror film of the year. This softball ass movie is pure baby shoes. I went in with an open mind, even some misguided excitement, and I didn’t hate the first half hour of set up. It was the moment the possessed elevator didn’t violate mama that I knew this movie was gunna pull its punches. It was boring, poorly shot, and had the worst generic horror movie score cranked up to eleven. The dude who shouted “This movie fucking sucked” in front of Bruce and co. at the premiere is an absolutely disrespectful loser fuckin donut, but he ain’t wrong.

  • M3GAN



    This movie looks like garbage and had me checking my watch for the first forty minutes. I started to distract myself with ideas— not for a better movie, but rather of chores and inane tasks I’d rather be doing. I definitely cracked up laughing a couple times, and I appreciate that Megan’s first set of victims were a totally normal dog, an old grieving woman, and a kid. The tone never felt malicious when they were doing that stuff, which was…