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  • Airplane!



    I was about twelve years old when my mother took my younger sister and I to see "Airplane!". It marks one of the first times I saw boobies on the big screen, and for a (PG) rated film, there was a lot of cursing and randy behavior going on. I didn't get many of the jokes (what's that white powder the old lady is snorting up her nose?), but I knew there was something different here than other comedies I…

  • The Guilt Trip

    The Guilt Trip


    Screenwriter Dan Fogelman, director Anne Fletcher, and the cast deliver a movie that isn't huge on big vulgar laughs, but somehow scores as a genial comedy.

    Andy (Seth Rogen) is visiting his mother, Joyce (Barbra Streisand), in New Jersey before embarking on a cross country trip back to his own home in California. Andy is a chemist who has invented a cleaning product that is all natural, has an impossible-to-pronounce name, and thousands of bottles of the product waiting to…

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  • Modern Educayshun

    Modern Educayshun


    To the 1/2 and one star raters of this film: you know that feeling you were having watching this? Where you hate the film because of what it says instead of the film itself? Where your sensibilities were insulted? When you said "this isn't funny, I'm not like that"?

    Conservative film fans experience that tenfold every time they turn on the television or see a movie.

    This was a very observant, and darkly comic, little story; expertly paced and edited.…

  • Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

    Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers


    Brian's first joke was a meme I have seen a million times before about losing fifteen pounds, and only having twenty-five more to go. My heart sank as the unenthusiastic audience showed they had also seen that meme, and things went downhill from there. Regan veered wildly into sports, only hitting laughs when talking about scoring in tennis. His take on unheard questions in police department press conferences (where the special's title comes from) should have been hilarious, but he…