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  • Teorema



    This provocative drama from the equally provocative Pier Paolo Pasolini is open to a myriad of interpretations.

    The basic plot is rather simple: An unnamed Visitor (Terence Stamp) arrives at the home of factory owner Paolo (Massimo Girotti), his wife Lucia (Silvana Mangano), their teenage children Odetta (Anne Wiazemsky) and Pietro (Andres Jose Cruz Soublette), and maid Emilia (Laura Betti). The film opens with some mockumentary footage of workers being asked about the factory being given to them by the…

  • Johnny Eager

    Johnny Eager


    The explosive pairing of Robert Taylor and Lana Turner in a noir thriller should have crackled, but instead this odd melodrama has questionable pacing and character motivation, working against some fine performances.

    Johnny Eager (Robert Taylor) is a recently paroled con who has fooled his parole officer (Henry O'Neill) into thinking he is on the straight and narrow. Eager has a free pass to roam around the city as an honest taxi driver, even secreting a "loving" family in an…

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  • Modern Educayshun

    Modern Educayshun


    To the 1/2 and one star raters of this film: you know that feeling you were having watching this? Where you hate the film because of what it says instead of the film itself? Where your sensibilities were insulted? When you said "this isn't funny, I'm not like that"?

    Conservative film fans experience that tenfold every time they turn on the television or see a movie.

    This was a very observant, and darkly comic, little story; expertly paced and edited.…

  • Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers

    Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers


    Brian's first joke was a meme I have seen a million times before about losing fifteen pounds, and only having twenty-five more to go. My heart sank as the unenthusiastic audience showed they had also seen that meme, and things went downhill from there. Regan veered wildly into sports, only hitting laughs when talking about scoring in tennis. His take on unheard questions in police department press conferences (where the special's title comes from) should have been hilarious, but he…