Halloween ★★★★★

Ground Zero for the entire "Slasher" genre.

It codified all the tropes and established all the well worn rules we know and love.

While it can be arguably said that Hitchcock's Psycho began Slasher citing the infamous bathroom scene, I must argue that this film is indeed the definite progenitor. While Psycho is a classic, it is the serial killer mold created by Michael Myers that has been the most imitated and the plot of the suburban girl who becomes the lone survivor of the brutal killing spree that is most ingrained in any horror genre lover's mind that was originated here.

It is nearly impossible to find any slasher villain in the past 40 years who has not been inspired in the wake of what Myers did that night back in Haddonfeild 1978.

And even fewer who can match the the long dark shadow of his influence on the Horror movie landscape.

His silent stare, the two black eyes gazing into the void. The sharp silver gleam of the knife before it penetrates the soft warm flesh.

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