Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½


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Having loved this film’s predecessor so much, how could I have not been anticipating this so highly? Homecoming was my second favourite Spider-Man film and, right from the first trailer, I had no doubt this film would live up to its rather high expectations. And I was absolutely right; this movie was incredible. It was very refreshing after Endgame and it somehow makes Homecoming, a pretty great film, seem like child's play. This may be the funniest film in the MCU, or at least second or third, and is the most fun I have had in a LONG time. It did everything so much better than I could ever have imagined and I feel like I'm judging it top softly by giving it 5 stars but I just loved this film so, so much! Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon still maintain their incredible chemistry and are hilarious together, and MJ was actually pretty good in this film, she became less awkward and more likeable. However, that is not what stood out to me about Far From Home. There are two aspects that shoot this film right up into my top 10 MCU films and my top 50 films of all time lists, and one is the humour. Homecoming is definitely funny, but this one is just on another level. The Guardians films are probably funnier, but I will say this is the funniest MCU film because it's fresh in my memory, but it absolutely deserves that title. I laughed so much here that, at times, I was struggling for breath. There are so many quips throughout the film that had me in stitches: the scene where he almost killed his classmate, Happy falling in love with Aunt May, Ned getting a girlfriend, need I go on? I had the biggest grin on my face the entire way through, I'm surprised my face still works. Even above all this, however, there is one more thing, which is what pushed towards giving this film that perfect score. This next part contains major spoilers, so unless you have seen the film, this is where you should stop reading. Far From Home’s absolute biggest success is the villain who, as it turns out, actually ended up being Jake’s charismatic Mysterio. The big reveal is unpredictable and I would go so far as to say it is executed even better than Homecoming’s incredible twist. It is so creative in both its concept and execution and makes Mysterio one of my favourite MCU villains, even surpassing The Vulture and MAYBE Killmonger. Gyllenhaal’s performance here reminds me of his in Nightcrawler; he believes he’s doing right but in doing so, descends into insanity and this really made me understand why Mysterio is so loved by many people. I didn't think The Vulture could be surpassed but Mysterio did it, which sort of reflects my summary of the film: it succeeds in the same areas as its predecessor yet it tells a vastly different, bold, unique story more than well enough to create one of Marvel’s funniest, most unpredictable and relentlessly fun outings in years.

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