Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½


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It may not quite reach the heights of Into the Spider-Verse, my personal favourite film based on the web-slinging hero, but this film definitely comes closer than any other. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits almost every note perfectly; it is fun, light-hearted, and absolutely does justice to its classic lead hero. Compared to other films in the incredible MCU franchise, excluding perhaps Ant-Man and Guardians, this film is much more breezy, and I found myself with a smile on my face from start to finish, as there are no dull moments to be found anywhere. At the same, time, however, there is also a lot of heart that goes into the characters’ relationships and the film gets progressively darker in the second half, and the film seems to balance all of these themes flawlessly. Tom Holland is the very reason that the MCU’s Spider-Man is my favourite one. He is so charismatic and he brings an incredible sense of humour to the role, something Maguire and Garfield lacked. Ned is a great companion to Peter as he is just as funny and so loveable. I didn't think MJ was all that great though. Some of her lines were funny but she ended up being really awkward. I understand that is what they were going for, but it was just too much, and I hope FFH redeems her because there is definitely potential there. One thing that impresses me is how well balanced this film is. It is half an action-packed and fun comic book flick and half coming of age teen comedy. Both aspects are handled perfectly; Peter’s school life is quite well explored and is very refreshing among the superhero action, whereas the other, action-packed side is much more thrilling. As far as MCU action goes, this film is much different from its predecessors as, until the final act, there are arguably smaller stakes, and the film never loses sight of its comedic tropes, even during intense action sequences. These two different aspects clash in the final act and that leads me to talk about my favourite thing about Homecoming; the final act. I understand that the action in the final act isn't exactly up to MCU standards, it is merely a chase on a plane, but it is thrilling nonetheless. The reason, however, that this final act is one of my favourites in the MCU is because of The Vulture. He is probably my THIRD favourite villain inside this vast universe, which says a lot. That scene in which Adrian gives Peter ’the dad talk’ in the car, and the scene leading up to it, is probably the most chilling scene in a comic book movie, which is a rare find. The final act definitely packs a more story based than action based punch, but the way the complex villain, The Vulture and the fun, breezy hero Spider-Man come together in a series of chilling confrontation is some truly great filmmaking, making Homecoming one of the MCU’s best.