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  • Fallen Leaves

    Fallen Leaves


    Loved the vibes of this film. I have no familiarity with Kaurismäki's other works, but after Fallen Leaves, I might need to change that. It's one of the great films of 2023, even though its story and filmmaking felt really reminiscent to me of older cinema, which I think is intentional. There is an obvious intent in this film to feel timeless; you know it's set in modern times, you hear about the Ukraine war on the radio broadcasts a…

  • Strange Way of Life

    Strange Way of Life


    Big Almodovar guy here, having seen all of his features, and I find it really fun that he's doing these English language short films. I still remember he was slated to direct his first English feature with Cate Blanchett, but ended up dropping the project due to feeling unprepared for a full length English film.

    Regarding these two short films, The Human Voice seems to work best in the short format, it's a much smaller scale one actress exercise, that…

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