I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★

My most anticipated film of the last few years, Charlie Kaufman is my favorite screenwriter and wrote my favorite film of all time plus 4 other films I absolutely adored. So I am really underwhelmed to be giving this film anything lower than an 8. I thought there was some great ideas and performances in here that never amounted into anything I found satisying. I'm not even sure I completely get what the film is going for. I'm open to discuss interpretations and even give it further chances in the future. But this kind of ruined my day 😔. I am not even sure if I want to give a 6, higher or lower. I love Kaufman's ideas and I was defenitely captivated by certain scenes with surreal imagery and great narration. But yeah... Got way more of a fullfilling experience I like for in Kaufman's films in Tenet weirdly enoygh.
Sorry if this isn't a very good review, I don't even know anymore.

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