Midsommar ★★★★½

Midsommar was excellent, I completely understand the kind of mixed response it's getting and why a movie like this would be underwhelming for some people though. It's impossible not to compare it to Hereditary it's very similar in it's sense of dread, uncomfortable ambiance, the main performances even and the blending in drama (both connected to the loss of family members). I would definitely say the family drama in Hereditary was the more interesting and investing part of that film, Midsommar's strength is definitely the gorgeous visuals and locations, this is one of the best shot films of 2019 if not the best, the unfamiliarity with the culture and setting, not being able to know what is going on (when a certain scene happened some people in the theatre realized what kind of film they were watching and left) only adds to the film experience. Can't say much more without ruining potential plot points or story elements that are better discovered with the film (I recommend avoiding any trailers if you have a chance),

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