Cherrybomb ★★★

The story follows a Skins-esque type plot as a girl persuades two boys to out-do each other in bad behaviour to win the prize of ‘getting to know her better.’ Their love triangle forms as the competition begins, but what starts out as just a game turns deadly serious.

Although the plot is extremely ‘Skins series three,’ Cherrybomb actually makes a better attempt of realistic teenage behaviour - a bag of pills and a single line of coke, a couple of beers on a night out; the film uses a realistic amount of drugs and alcohol that a teenager would be taking compared to the copious amounts used in Skins. Realistic relationships, realistic reactions, and realistic outcomes, there's no hitting girls over the heads with a rock, getting away with it and becoming mentally depressed. The film may present your typical teenage stereotype, but it is one that is believable and much more realistic than how Skins has ended up today.

As a whole, Cherrybomb is an entertaining film with a great cast. Unbelievably, an older, somewhat sexy, Ron Weasley manages to pull off his character really well, even with his ginger hair quiffed back as he snorts a line of coke in the club toilets. Starring alongside Misfits star Robert Sheehan, as well, the two work well together, and even sport pretty decent Irish accents.

You can see why the film was never released at the cinema, but it was still decent enough to watch more than once.