Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

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Into the Spider-verse is a visually striking animated Spider Man film. Miles Morales discovers that he's one of the many Spider Men who have to join forces to defeat Kingpin.

The film is an ultimate example of style over substance. Not to say that in a negative light because visually this film is engaging. The film is so stylized it's hard to compare it to anything else. It pays homage to its comic book roots but also shoots for something ground breaking. The sound design also accompanies the visual aspects quite nicely. I enjoyed the soundtrack and believe it matches the fleshed out main character. Miles truly feels very refreshing. He's actually a likable character who feels like a real person. Not some hologram in a costume. The other protagonists were all across the board though. His archetypal romantic interest was fine, nothing annoying about her, and Peter Parker was pretty enjoyable. The anime girl and the Spiderman pig were pretty useless. The pig was downright god awful. The noir Spider-Man was pretty awesome though and Nicholas Cage really performed well.

Overall, this film is pretty good. Not as great as the ratings would steer you, but not as basic and uninspired as the typical superhero flick.

Visually this film is a "Marvel"