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  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Maybe not a good time to (re-) watch a film that makes me so sad.
    But then it makes me so happy.
    And then I am addicted.
    And then it is so god-damn good.

    This time (my fourth) I thought it was so much about beautiful Alana discovering and falling in love with herself.
    And with love.
    And life.
    And with Gary, of course.

    And all the beauty of it is in the knowledge that it can't last.
    And that…

  • Moneyball



    I should have given it five points in the first place.
    And an extra one for the ending.
    I love sports films.
    Especially when they are about sports that I couldn't care less about and do not even understand the rules - and in the end I cheer as if my own football club is playing Champion's League.

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I just love the buzz around a new big film, and this one isn't any old big film - it's the Batman!
    To make it short:
    I enjoyed every second.
    It was dark, it was bold, it was beautiful, even gorgeous to look at, it had a bit of Sherlock charm and yet was utterly Batman and utterly Gotham and the three hours went like nothing.
    So here is my list:
    Cons first:
    1.) It has no proper Alfred (i.e.:…

  • Mank


    It makes me sad that this film exists. It makes me unexpectedly sad that one filmmaker I hold in the highest respect saw fit to smear another filmmaker I hold in the highest respect in such a cheap and spiteful way. In my eyes it destroys something very beautiful that cannot be fixed because the parties involved are dead. Maybe I could have coped better with it if the film had been good. An elegant insult after all is something…