Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

We have been waiting a long time for this film and it was worth the wait. It is one of the films that I feel we really need and I am grateful to everybody involved in it. Emerald Fennell made a remarkable debut that shows immense talent and eye, but also all the passionate engagement necessary for the film. It is a feminist thriller, it is bitter and merciless and yet it is utterly entertaining from the first to the last second. A really classy film - about a subject that finally needs all the classy films by talented people it can get.
It looks awesome. And it makes the most exciting use of music. (I love Deadpool's 'Just Call Me Angel' at the end, I simply love it, it makes me laugh and cry.) It is through and throng made by people who know to make films and gave it their all.
Carey Mulligan deserves an extra mention. No, many, many extra mentions. What an actress. Her acting is so daring, so challenging and yet so perfectly to the point. She gives her character facets, enigma and dignity and is a shining star within a very well chosen cast. Apart from that she is also outstandingly beautiful, which makes it such a treat to watch her. In an odd way she reminded me to Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker', who I also had to stare at all the time because there was so much beauty within even the starkest portray of ugliness. It is an inner beauty that seems almost indestructible.
The film left me angry, distraught, hurt. Angry also at myself as I belong to those who have once been successfully told that being a socialist you cannot be a feminist too because that would split fronts. I wish I hadn't made such a poor choice, which is rooted in the urge to side with the strong rather than the weak, with the perpetrators rather than the victims. This film makes the once weak strong because it is not only right but brilliant. It is time to make the only possible choice.
Reluctantly I took off half a star for one decision that I wish Emerald Fennell and her team hadn't made, even though I think I do understand their motivation: I wish there had been no Nina but just Cassie, In my view the fact that it is her friend not herself who is affected (to say the least - trying to avoid spoilers) waters it down a bit, softens the impact. And maybe the scene with the lawyer (played by wonderful Alfred Molina) is a bit too forgiving. But that is the only criticism I have.
Thank you, Emerald Fennell. I wish the film all the best at the upcoming Oscars and onwards.

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