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  • Grease



    the entire cast ranked from "absolutely deplorable" to "could step on my neck and I'd say thank you" :)

    22. Danny Zucko: scum of the earth, men are rats, men are the FLEAS on rats
    21. Cha Cha: problematic always, but also a bit of an icon despite herself
    20. Sonny: looks like he SMELLS and sweat his way through this entire production
    19. Coach Calhoun: sex offender vibes and a patronizing twat
    18. Vince Fontaine: an actual sex offender…

  • Grease



    I’m procrastinating and this is my most rewatched movie ever so let me rank the songs based on nothing but how often i sing them wayyYy outta tune:

    10. We Go Together (i can’t do all those voices are you kidding)

    9. Greased Lightnin’ (jeff conaway should’ve sang lead, i can’t let it go)

    8. You're the One That I Want (all those hoohoohoos get me wheezy) 

    7. Sandy (john travolta solo fucking yikes)

    6. Summer Nights (can’t reconcile with…

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