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  • Bittersweet Brew

    Bittersweet Brew


    It starts off as light farce, but becomes something more substantial with time, told in spare vignettes which add up to a real emotional payoff. Pity about the gay panic humour, but the two leads (Sang-Ah Lee and Baek Sung-hyun) are really good. Did make me crave coffee.

  • Budapest Noir

    Budapest Noir


    Might've been generated by an algorithm fed entirely on bad Bogart impressions, but the outfits were lovely.

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Best part was the dude who came into a packed theatre five minutes before the movie started and couldn't believe that there weren't eight seats in a row for him and his mates.

  • Cherry Pop

    Cherry Pop


    Weirdly transphobic, weirdly misogynist, weirdly Cis Het White Lives Matter. Throwing a couple of stars at it for a supporting cast who do their damndest with poor material.