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  • The Fourth Protocol

    The Fourth Protocol


    How beige was the eighties? None more beige. Despite the unfortunate ensembles, Pierce is smoking hot here as a KGB agent with all of Bond's sociopathy but fewer high end toys - he builds a bomb out of bits in his fridge. Largely set in East Anglia and Mayfair, it's not exactly M:I or Bourne, but that's kind of welcoming. Sir Michael apparently found it too talky and slow, however my overstimulated brain rather appreciates the chit chat and procedural…

  • A Letter to Three Wives

    A Letter to Three Wives


    I don't know why I chose this movie, when I'd been dwelling on the subject of self-sabotage, but it held up quite the pretty mirror to the subject. Suprisingly insightful about female friendships, and with the sharp eye for class that Hollywood movies have long since lost the knack for. So vivid, I'd swear it was in technicolour. (The husbands were mostly twerps, though, let Addie take 'em all).

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