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  • Senna



    What is it about watching movies on planes that make them so much more emotional? By the end I was ready to go straight to FIA headquarters and fight those old men to avenge Aryton's honour.

  • Aruna & Her Palate

    Aruna & Her Palate


    The movie that dares to ask if Eat Pray Love would be better with bird flu instead of yoga (and the answer is yes). Epidemiology and dead avians add some extra texture to this road trip rom com romp as four photogenic friends go in search of the perfect nasi goreng/public health crisis. Dian Sastrowardoyo is a gem, with killer comedic chops and expressive eyes. Plus her hair and eyebrows appear to be perfect. The food looks divine, the love interest is dreamy, and I'm hopeful that no birds were harmed aside from the occasional recipe ingredient.

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  • Little Forest

    Little Forest


    A movie that's mostly a young woman cooking food, eating food, cuddling a puppy and wearing a duffle coat is an automatic four stars and has probably lowered my blood pressure to almost-healthy levels.

  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It

    You know you're in your 30s when you watch this and lust over the apartment, not the sex.