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  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo


    The title suggests a dance and indeed Hou's film unravels much like one. Rather than adhering to chronology or traditional plot progression, Mill Mambo's scenes with their repetition and mirroring unfold like a series of graceful dance steps that collectively capture the frenzied ecstasy as well as the trembling uncertainty that marks the terminus of youth as well as the end of a century. This carefully choreographed structure is perfectly complemented by the techno score that runs throughout the film…

  • Suzanne's Career

    Suzanne's Career


    A film about the pathetic, base, cruel things we are capable of hiding under the facade of sophisticated taste and intellectualism. The best thing about the film is the way the actions on screen constantly belie the voiceover narration adding so much humor to the proceedings. Also love how even in such a short duration, Rohmer constantly shifts where our sympathies lie. Initially, we see Guillaume as the cad and Bertrand as yet another victim of his abusive ways. But…