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  • Parinda



    VVC is an interesting and flawed figure in Hindi cinema, an exceptionally talented FTII graduate who started his career with sly, inventive small films (the most beloved being the film-set murder mystery Khamoshi) and ended his career with towering, bloated spectacles, each less loved than the last, and Parinda the pivot point in his career. Similarly Hindi movies themselves were at a cusp point in the late 80s, the decade being a great one for small independent film but a…

  • Astitva


    points for good intentions, sincere performances and a script that does go places rarely seen in indian cinema and yet, it all feels so limp and ineffectual. the opposing points of view are portrayed so starkly allowing for little waffling in terms of audience sympathy. anything nuanced that's telegraphed by the images feels hackneyed once it's repeated through voiceover or monologue (tons of those here). have been thinking a lot about mouna raagam and kabhie kabhie of late and makes…

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  • Bastards



    Plays like a relentless unending nightmare and reminiscent of Carax's Pola X to me in that regard. Denis's trademark sensuality gets twisted in this one into something menacing and ugly. She already had some of that in White Material but here every gesture (a passionate kiss, a man fixing a child's bicycle, a brother holding his sister's hand) feels ominous and seems to portend something terrible. Atmospherically, its stunning.. the ghoulish Tindersticks score accompanying these dark shadowy images shot in…

  • Stray Dogs

    Stray Dogs


    A perfect culmination of all the themes, motifs and styles that have inhabited Tsai's films throughout. This is kind of a dream film for a Tsai fan combining Lee Kang-Sheng, leaky buildings, lonesome alienated people wandering around silently with some of the shifts that came with Visage - the ever longer takes and the switch to even less of a focus on narrative and something more akin to filming of performance art. Which reminds me that I need to rewatch…