Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★★

An absolute blast at the movies. Super clever, super tightly-constructed, and extremely funny. I am a loud laugher and I started to worry that *I* would be murdered! 

*long pause*

But we can all agree these aren’t REALLY mysteries, right? They’re mystery-SHAPED, but they do the same, “We show you a movie, then show you the REAL movie that was happening the whole time you were watching the OTHER movie, which you couldn’t possibly have known about since we didn’t give you necessary information” thing that people HATED about Ocean’s Twelve.

I’M JUST SAYING. I dunno what point I’m trying to make here - justice for Ocean’s Twelve, I guess?

Anyway this movie fuckin rules my ass off. I wanna watch Benoit Blanc solve the mystery of MY murder (callback to before)

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