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  • Samurai Champloo

    Samurai Champloo


    i love this so much i dont even want to rate it bc iits so much more than something i can really give a number to... but for now 5 stars is enough LOL

    i'm adding Mugen to the list of anime men that i will act up for lmao
    the hip hop influence is done soooo stylistically and smoothly, and a soundtrack by nujabes is the icing on the cake.
    the ending is something i'll think about for a long time... much like Fuu, I too was hoping this journey could go on forever...

  • Ramy Youssef: Feelings

    Ramy Youssef: Feelings


    Ramy is such a genuine and comforting presence, like I just want to be his friend so bad!!
    It's really refreshing to see a Muslim-American who is unapologetically faithful, but still open about sex and all the other subjects that are taboo in our culture. Ramy is thoughtfully funny, and doesn't take the obvious path or tell run-down jokes about politics, something you could easily expect from a Muslim in the Trump era.
    I loved his honesty and warmth, and I can't wait for his series, Ramy, to premier season 2!